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Outside My Comfort Zone

Oh boy! I’m so outside of my comfort zone right now. A blog…me, having this thing that so many do. I needed one so I could join a blog hop with an online bible study. I’m not even in the study because I didn’t sign up in time, but I want to be a part of the next one.

My story probably isn’t much different than many. I fell from grace…and far. I’m not proud. I finally realized that by “forgiving myself” I was only trying to justify the actions. Not something I could do. But the burden wasn’t mine to carry. It is His. And only His grace and forgiveness could allow me to start anew and walk that path He intends for me to walk. Not that I still don’t feel the pain, but I have accepted His forgiveness.

I’m starting with a 60 day bible reading plan and when that ends, I will begin an online bible study. It will be a journey unlike any other, but one in which I believe I find strength for what He wants for me. It didn’t work my way, so I mind as well give up the fight.


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