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Hearing God In The Wind Chime


A few months ago our neighbor moved away and left their wind chime. We didn’t realize it until we were walking down the block one day and saw it hanging there. The house was empty and still unsold, so I felt I could give the wind chime a good home. When we took it down, we realized it was broken. The little disc in the center of the chimes was missing.  From that point on, I went on a hunt for a wind chime to hand on my front porch.

In a hefty search, I was finally able to find a wind chime that I liked and one that I felt had my personality. My wind chime is simply a metal one with a birdhouse on top, a welcome sign underneath that followed by the chimes (and of course, the little center disk that makes the chimes chime!) And there are a few metal flowers that decorate the wind chime. But I was more drawn to this wind chime because hanging from the bottom of that little center disk is a little metal bird. He spins a lot, especially when the wind chime is making a lot of noise, and sometimes he gets whipped around so much that his little head bashes itself into the wooden post next to it. It’s usually at that point that I simply take the wind chime down until the winds have calmed.

From my living room, I can look out the window, see, and sometimes hear the little chime. Sometimes, I look out and the chime is perfectly still. Other times, it’s doing what a wind chime should be doing…chiming!

One afternoon, I was sitting out on my front porch, and I remember hearing the faintest of chimes. As I looked out at my plants, nothing was moving, but when I looked at the wind chime, it was ever so slightly chiming…almost as if someone was simply blowing on it trying to make it make noise. For whatever reason, I remember thinking at that moment that when it chimed, it was God’s way of talking to me. I wondered if I could really hear God in the wind. I guess this little wind chime would help me to do so!

The whole point of this post is simply to remind myself to stop and listen…even when things are so quiet I can’t hear them…God is there! It’s easy to hear the wind chime when God kicks up a wind and the chime is constant. But it’s a lot harder to hear God through the wind chime when it is perfectly still.

Today, I start a six-week bible study called, “When Woman Say Yes To God”. But saying yes requires more than just a verbal yes. It requires being still and listening to the faintest of sounds…including the wind chime! For God controls the wind and if that wind chime is chiming, then God is talking. However, in the stillest of calms, I must listen with great intent to hear His voice.

Yes, God. I will try my very best to listen during the quietest of times, and appreciate even more the times You simply allow me to hear, without any effort, Your voice through the wind chime.


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