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Fresh Vision

My fresh vision has been to talk to God more often. I am doing so by writing to God daily. I have found such peace in doing so because by the time I am done writing, I have left everything in His hands.

My blog hop posting today is my letter from yesterday. I hope you not only enjoy it, but I hope you are inspired and encouraged to find a fresh vision that brings you closer to God!

Hi God,

I hope You had a good day! Mine was once again good. Nothing major happened at work. I was able to stay calm all day and didn’t leave feeling frustrated. Thank You for helping me get through my day.

I enjoyed my lunch and was most grateful for the food and for being filled after I ate. The tomatoes You have provided are so good. We have so many extras. We have tried to give them away, but You have blessed so many with such a bounty of them. They taste awesome with ranch dressing. 🙂

So, I know this is kind of a strange place I am writing You tonight. It’s my blog. Thank You for coming over to my blog for Your letter! I haven’t been writing here for very long, but I have been participating in the blog hops. Tomorrow is a blog hop day, so lots of people will come here to visit. Many of them I do not know, so I will ask in advance to please watch over anyone who comes here.

I also have some other prayer requests for You. There are several people in my bible study group that have asked for prayers. Some need prayers for catching up in the study, others to have patience during hectic times, and a few asked for Your help with focus and concentration. Family too, Lord. Some are really struggling with health of family members. Could You please help all of them? Thank You!

My brother called me today and I was kind of short with him. He didn’t seem upset with me, but I know it was not very sisterly like. I’m sorry, God. Please forgive my shortness to my brother. And please forgive all my shortcomings today. I know there were some, although I never seem to catch them at the time. Maybe as I write to You more I will be more perceptive of my actions during the day.

I hope You were able to laugh and smile today! I know I was able to, so I hope by me doing so, You did too.

Thank You, God, for all the blessings today, and for coming over here to my blog! I’ll write again tomorrow. Please watch over me as I sleep and clear my mind of any worries so that I can sleep tight and wake up refreshed. And please watch over Bill and touch his heart so he can find You!

I love You!



3 thoughts on “Fresh Vision

  1. Love this!! What a sweet gift you are giving to your future self when you journal! Thank you for encouraging all of us with your post!! 🙂

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