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An Ending

Wow. It’s the final blog hop of this study. And I know I am a few days late, but better late than never!

This ends this part of my journey. The bible study I was a part of ends today. There are about four weeks before the next one starts. Gives me the perfect amount of time to really reflect on all the lessons this one taught me. In a single word, it taught me how to say “yes”.

The word itself we use all the time, but the meaning this time around for me was intense. I said yes in so many ways:

  • I said yes to participating in a bible study, and saw it through to the end!
  • I said yes to participating in the blog hop
  • I said yes to verse mapping
  • I said yes to talking and writing to God
  • I said yes to being a part of the Dove’s Nest Giveback Project
  • I said yes to my small group (love you all!!)
  • I said yes to branching out and making friendships that were built on a solid foundation.
  • I said yes to others who were asking for prayers
  • I said yes to stepping outside my comfort zone
  • I said no, or I’m not sure…but then caught myself, asked for forgiveness, then guidance so I could continue to say yes.
  • I said yes to continuing on with future bible studies!

Over the course of the next three weeks, I will be participating in a bible study that continues saying yes. I’ll be learning about three women in the bible, how they said yes, and how by their example, I can continue to say yes! I’m very excited about this.

My prayer for you is that you find ways to say yes that are new and exciting for you! Saying yes doesn’t have to be a big mind blowing thing, but regardless of the size of your yes, I hope you are forever changed and forever look for ways to continue saying




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