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Five Minutes…In the Coffee Shop

So this morning, as I was reading some of my emails I came across a blog entry that linked to a blog hop on Friday’s. I was intrigued, so I went to that blog, and learned how I too could join. Info on that is here (or via the button on the right).

This week the topic is: write

So, my five minutes of writing today is in the coffee shop.

I haven’t been here in weeks. As I walked in I realized how much I missed coming here every saturday. The cost got to be to much and I couldn’t afford it. Yes, it’s just a coffee shop, but I like their breakfast too, and that was always my treat to myself. So, with the little extra I was able to save over the past few weeks, I am treating myself to what I have missed for far to long.

Coffee, and a bagel.

The deeper thought to this is really just doing something that I like and for myself. There is sometimes guilt with that…although not in this environment. This was always my place and my time to myself. Kind of my time to just unwind and treat myself to what I truly love. Yes, coffee, yes, a bagel, yes, my computer to write, or a book to read, and sometimes even some yarn with the latest knitting project attached to it.

This is my happy place. My place that I can go to alone and not be bothered by the fact that I am alone. Yes, it took a while for me to feel so confident to walk into someplace and sit alone, but I am finally there…but I must admit, sometimes, that little tinge of being alone creeps back up. But I always manage to overcome it and find my way to my table.

And my bagel and coffee are here…and my five minutes is up…and actually, it was 6 minutes. I think I will write and post about 5 minutes blog entries more than just on Friday’s. I love the concept of quickly getting away. So until the next topic, all my posts this week will just be on Friday’s topic.

So, my friends…just write.

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