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Five Minutes of Ordinary

An Ordinary Friday

The alarm goes off and I wake up happy knowing that I don’t need to reset it to go off the next morning. The weekend is near! I roll over to kiss the cheek of my husband before throwing off the covers and finding my way in the dark to the shower.

The water is steamy yet so refreshing. I inhale extra deep to smell the scent of my soap. The towel seems extra fluffy and my hair doesn’t tangle in the brush. My blush is just the right shade.

It’s a blue jeans day!! I can wear them to work on Friday, along with a comfy fall sweater. Getting dressed is so easy on a Friday. The fact that today is a payday means I can treat myself to a lunch out instead of a frozen thing. Ah…such joy.

I kiss my sweet husband goodbye, tell him I love him, and that I’ll be home soon. We’ll watch “House, M.D.” when I get home and the dinner plan is already set…scrambled eggs and buttered toast!

I pull out of the driveway and head to the park and ride where parking is a plenty! I get on the bus and listen to my music until I get to work. The walk into my building and the ride up the elevator to my floor is not as daunting knowing that, well, it’s Friday! I have my coffee and bagel, and I have a smile on my face.

The joy of an ordinary Friday!


One thought on “Five Minutes of Ordinary

  1. Beautiful! Such Joy in an ordinary day… but then again – Fridays are my favorite too! The end of the week, with the WHOLE weekend still ahead! What’s not to love? We are neighbors over at Lisa Jo’s today and I am so glad I stopped by! Enjoy your weekend!

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