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Five Minutes of Laundry


IF ONLY!!! If only laundry took just five minutes! Me, I’m one who does her laundry every Sunday afternoon…regardless of how much is in MY basket.

Yes…I only wash my basket of clothes. My husband and I decided nearly 20 years that we were each to always do our own laundry…and to this day, we do.

Well, let’s see…I do like my washing machine. It’s one of those front-end loaders and I have the matching dryer. Both are perched on a drawer pedestal. The entire thing was a house warming gift from my parents.  I do like that my washer is on the main level and I don’t have to climb up and down stairs.

I use those little detergent pack things for the soap. You know, the kind you just throw in the washer, then throw all your clothes on top of it. I don’t like the noise of when the washer spins…I feel like the entire house is about to take off and fly!

Although I’m not a fan of doing laundry, I do love throwing a blanket or sweatshirt in the dryer on a chilly day for two minutes….because when you take it out and wrap it around you, it’s an instant heater!

Yeah…I don’t think laundry could ever take just five minutes…but then again, I never dreamed I would ever write a blog post about laundry! 🙂



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