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YAL: What is SOAP?

Over the course of the next 8 weeks (Mon-Fri), we will be using a specific format in which to study scripture. Each day, there will be a reading (consisting of just a verse or two), followed by a verse to SOAP. Sometimes, the reading and SOAP are the same, but the SOAP verse will always be part of the daily reading.

SOAP is a very easy way of studying scripture and allows each person to really find the personal meaning of the verse.

S ~ stands for Scripture. Physically write out the scripture and you’ll be amazed at what God will reveal to you just by taking the time to slow down and write (or type) out what you are reading. Write it out in the version of your own choosing. Sometimes, I like to list a couple of versions, or I will list additional scripture in order to get the full context. It is completely up to you.

O ~ is for observations, and this is very personal to each. What I observe through scripture may be very different than what you do. However, there is great benefit to that, as we can each learn from the observations of each other. Sometimes, the observation might be a play on words, or words that are repeated, or maybe it’s the audience. It could be God speaking directly to you. And you may observe something different each time you go to read the scripture.

A ~ is for application. This is really where the scripture becomes personal. This is where we ask how we can apply the scripture to our own lives. What is being said in this very moment? How can we apply it immediately, or as a practice going forward? What changes and action do I need to take in order to live the scripture as God wants me to?

P ~ is for prayer. Write a prayer to God asking for guidance and for Him to reveal what He wants you to learn. Pray that you will always be able to see and read God’s Word for what it is and not conform it to your own liking. Thank God for the lesson. Pray for others.

I’ll be back later this week in which I will post a practice verse in which to SOAP. Don’t want to wait? Try to SOAP the verse of the day found at the top of my blog. Go to Biblegateway to look up a different version, and to see any commentary.


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