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You Are Loved – Week 1 Wrap Up

I’ve been following, and leading a group, through You Are Loved, which is the latest bible study offered by Good Morning Girls. You can still join…it’s free. And although the book is great to have, you can participate by just doing the daily SOAP. Find more details through this post. And if you want some detail on how to SOAP, you can refer to this post.

This week, our theme was You Are Beloved. We looked at several verses that reminded us that no matter what we do, or have done in our past, we are still loved by God. God’s love isn’t something we can earn. It is just given to us. For parents, think of the love you just have for your children. It is that love that God has for us. He is our Father, and loves us more than we will ever know.

What I am learning, is that when you realize that kind of love, you also realize that you want to follow. I want to follow God because of the unconditional, non-judgmental, ever-forgiving love He has for me! I’m also learning that because of this love, I not only want to follow, but want to obey. I don’t want to follow out of force (and God doesn’t force us to do anything) but rather back out of the love I have for Him. And same with being obedient. It’s because of the love He has for me that makes me want to be obedient to Him.

Our verses this week taught us that God is love, He is our biggest warrior and will continually fight for us, messing up doesn’t change God’s love for us, and I think the most important lesson of this week is that there is nothing that will ever take away His love from me, or you, or anyone who wants it! And God is jealous for us…so He will pursue us to make sure we come back!

As we enter week 2, our theme will be “Knowing God”. Now that we know He loves us, it’s time to recognized Him and come to know Him better. I hope you will join me.


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