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YAL: Week 6 – Friday: Revelation 19:9

Babylon falls. This verse comes from that chapter of the bible. Now, I will admit, I find Revelation a really hard book to read. However, may we find comfort in knowing how it will all end. Think about that. We know how it ends. We know where we stand, and we know the joy to come afterwards. And knowing all that…why would anyone only want what this earthly world provides? There is no love here like the love God gives us, and the love He will show for us in the end. He already died for us and already paid the price. All that’s left is for Him to come back. Remember what were His final words on the cross…it is finished.

Read today’s scripture with confidence knowing we know the ending, know the outcome, and the love God has for us is the very reason this battle takes place.


Then the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” And he added, “These are the true words of God.”


Lots going on here. First, mention of the fourth beatitude; blessed. Second, the marriage feast. The Bridegroom is coming back for His bride! The fulfillment of the promises. It’s an ending, but also a beginning. However, there is one word in this verse that has been our focus all week. Did you find it?


All this week our SOAP’s have been focused on the invitation God is giving us. How fitting that today, we are invited to the marriage feast! But it’s not enough to simple receive the invitation; we must accept it. We must accept God’s love for us and know it is above anything else we will ever know. Do you except the invitation to attend the marriage feast? I know I do!

One final observation, this judgement has nothing to do with our salvation. This judgement is about the good and bad we’ve done and must stand before God for it all. Yes, it’s all forgiven, but our works for the Kingdom will be assigned here. Some receive a lot, others, just a few, but we will be happy. Living in the presence of God for eternity will be the happiest thing ever!!


It’s the fall of Babylon!! Great joy for this, my friends! Great joy! Here, the false prophet falls. How many false prophets, or idols do we have that need to fall? I can think of many that I have. I’m being honest here. I know I have false prophets and idols. It’s hard to block out all that chatter and listen only to God’s voice, because it is so different than any other voice we hear. But it is that voice that stands out! It’s that voice that is different! And different is OK!! We want different!

For me, I need to let go of the false teachings, and verify everything through scripture. I need to lead a more Godly life in a world that doesn’t want Him…but I do, and because of that, He will stay with me! I need to give up my idols and start listening to the only voice that will ever matter to me. His Voice! Let your Babylon fall!!


Lord, I am amazed at how You are able to show me show much through the reading of Your Word. Today, You easily showed me through one little verse in the Bible that I have Babylon’s of my own, and that I need to destroy them before they are destroyed by You and I fall with them! With so many false prophets and teachers, and so many voices claiming to be You, I get mixed up in it all and abandon what I truly know. Lord, help me to just be still and listen to the only voice that will ever matter. Yours! Help my Babylon to fall. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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